Into the thick of it

Yes, for those of you who know this title is a tik tok reference or just a viral song. 🙂 I do long to watch tik tok videos endlessly and here I am four (?) weeks not having my number one vice of tiktok, netflix, or social media. I am finding it refreshing and easier to take care of myself when not numbing my mind as much.

So far I’ve been a total of three places in my travels: Guatemala city for one day, Antigua 5 days and finally last but not least San Marcos on lake Atitlan in Guatemala for 3+ weeks. Never thought I would be spending this much time in one place and it has been one of the best times in my life. Its a lake surrounded by some active and nonactive volcanoes. This lake is HUGE with 10+ small/medium sized towns surrounding the waters edge. So although I have stayed in one place this long I have been taking day trips to other towns around the lake via boat and getting out and still traveling. So, what has my time here looked like? I took language classes for three hours a day for two weeks and feel like a have a 9 month old baby brain of Spanish down. You know I can say mom dad, and cry when I’m hungry.

But for real I’m living in a pretty hippy town. There are workshops on anything you can imagine from breath work, crystal healing sessions, messages, to tantra to the best yoga classes I’ve ever taken. I take a swim in the lake daily, meditate, hang out with people at my hotel and go to live music at night. I feel like I’m getting my grounding here before I travel onward. I’ve met so many beautiful people and drank so much delightful coffee. However I’ve had minimal alcohol- its very normal here to be sober and have a mocktail while going out. Theres dancing, food and beautiful butterflys almost every time I intentionally look up. Its magic.

I think I will continue my journey soon to Tikal, an accent maya place with temples. I am in the heart of the Mayan people currently where spanish is not the locals first language rather is a Mayan language of Chontal. So when learning spanish I was told you could only be an absolute beginner because this was the local peoples second language as well.

Cacao ceramonies are also a big thing around this area. Mayan people will go harvest raw cacao, grind it down and make square blocks. Then during ceremonies will be served hot with water or milk. I went to one ceremony lead by a canadian women where she lead us in kiritan (singing together) and we put ‘intention’ into the cacao or ask it a question of what we wanted to get out of the experience. Busniess insider did a short documentary about the place right next to the place I’m living here, take a look: Sometimes I describe a place as ‘too hippy for me’ and that was definitely my initial reaction to these ‘healings’ and I’m trying to stay open to learn from others even if I wont take any of it on in my own practice. So don’t worry friends and family back home.. I wont join a cult.. I almost did but thats a story for another time 🙂

I’ve been reflecting on my intentions or goals for this trip: learn spanish, learn to sail & more about plant medicine. With each one of these I’m realizing these are going to be life long practices and nothing that can be accomplished in a few months. So, to be more specific with myself and you who are willing to read. I want to learn spanish to have the ability to confidently travel alone or to make it more specific make it through unit three on duolingo 🙂 For plant medicine I’m applying in a few different directions to learn more- looking for mentorship, doing my own plant medicine in a structured setting, and self education through books, podcasts, and talking about it with almost everyone I meet 🙂 Then to the sailing! Looks like I’ll have to take a 5 day sailing journey from Panama to Columbia so this might be my only exposure on this trip as I dive deeper into the prior two goals.

For those of you who have or havent heard me talk about psychedelic assisted therapy, I am wanting to write a blog post specifically about this to have my loved ones learn a bit more, so I’ll be working on that in the coming months.

Last thought; something one of my teachers taught me that has suck in my mind is the idea of “I can/will be happy once….” I complete college, once I get the job, partner, house, retire ex… the list goes on and on. Take a moment today to appreciate where you are because one day you dreamed of the life you are now living. I was taught this and has changed my relationship to the present moment of where I am. I am proud of where I am and I’m exactly where I need to be. When I say this to myself I big exhale comes in and allows myself to be more settled. Maybe some of you want to travel when you retire and my thought is that I’ll never have this body again, maybe never have my health again in this way and this eagerness to see the world so why not now? I was scared to leave the US again and travel and I’m forever grateful I did. Okay now I’m just babbling and yeah thats a bit of my mindset right now. && lastly enjoy some photos from my journey so far ❤

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