It’s my privalage

As a Lowell gal; I grew up listening to B-93 on the radio. I felt like reminiscing today and turned my radio to 93.7 in my car. The time was just turning from 11:59am to 12, noon when I happened to switch to the station. If you’re from around west MI you know what that means– they ‘pause to honour America’ by playing the national anthem. As it started to play I couldn’t help but feel a-little more ashamed than usual of being an American.

The reason why I felt ashamed is the same reason that I found myself angered and letting out tears of anguish on Thursday night this past week. The recent comments of President Trump stating, “Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?” are what drove me to write this. Although Trump denies making this statement, multiple people who were in the DACA meeting with him confirmed that he made this statement multiple times. This statement was referring to African nations as well as Haiti.

As a person that lived in one of the “shithole” countries Trump was referring to for over two years, I feel personally disgraced by what Trump said. Trump is no better than any of the Swazi people. In no way should a person be disgraced because of the lack of opportunities afforded to them by the countries they were born into. I think more of us need to stand up, voice our throughs and let cliche be the cliche by letting love trump hate.

Trump is the leader of the free world, wether we call him our president or not. We cannot stop him from saying ignorant, racist, sexist things, but we can over power his powerful voice with all of ours. The day Trump got elected, we gave him an international platform where people listen to him. When I lived in Swaziland he was on all the front pages of the Swaziland newspapers many times and I wouldn’t doubt that this recent comment made headlines there as well (see photo below). People AROUND THE WORLD are watching us, we have the PRIVALAGE of free speech, we do have a voice, and we need to use it. I simply cannot stand for Trump being the voice of America.

I am discusted with him as our leader. I alone cannot be silenced, and neither can you. Please if you are enraged as I am please speak up, show your support and let the world know that you will not stand for what Trump stands for.

*Sign the petition: HERE, this will urge Congress to pass a resolution calling for the House Committee on the Judiciary to investigate whether sufficient grounds exist for the impeachment

*Let your voice known on social media

*& attend a womens march! If you’re in Michigan come to Lansing next Sunday with me!

Headlines of Times of Swaziland

November 10th, 2016: The front page newspaper in Swaziland, the day after Trump became president in the US


2 thoughts on “It’s my privalage

  1. I’m so happy that you are speaking out, I already signed that post for impeachment. I wish that I could go to that march in Lansing, but I’m having surgery on my eye on Wed. And don’t think that I can make it. I had knitted a Pussy hat, you can wear it if you want.

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