Being here in Swaziland for the whole election process and aftermath has been… an absolutely delight! However I could not avoid it forever; I did still hear of our politics all the way over in Swaziland. Everything I hear is based off of what Swazi’s hear from news, which is usually negative and about Trump. I have seen this cast a negative light on behalf of all Americans in general. This aggravates me because I feel most Americans stand for more than what Trump represents. To spread more of what I think the US embodies, I think to some of my role models. One of them being Ellen DeGeneres, she is an amazing light of positivity in the US and someone I hope more people to know about in the world.

It’s not just me who feels that of course, President Obama gave Ellen DeGeneres the highest civilian honor, the Medal of Freedom, in November 2016. President Obama stated that Ellen is, “… so full of kindness and light – somebody we like so much, somebody who could be our neighbor or our colleague or our sister – challenge our own assumptions, remind us that we have more in common than we realize, push our country in the direction of justice.” (www. fortune.com/201611/23/obama-ellen-degeneres-medal/) I want more people in the world to know about her and the joy she brings to millions.

To accomplish this my fellow RPCV & I will be carrying two a laminated cut out of Ellen’s face around with me in Southeast Asia for the next 4 months. We will be “introducing” travellers and locals alike to Ellen, and if they desire, to do the one thing Ellen and I love the most…DANCE. These videos will then be posted on our Instagram page: haveyoumetellen. Not only do I want to shed a positive light on America throughout Southeast Asia, but I also want to continue to teach Americans about the world around us. I will do this by sharing a bit of the local culture in each one of my posts; either by a local song or by sharing the word for dance in the local language. So, please follow us on Instagram to see our journey with Ellen across Southeast Asia or SEA. I know this is corny, BUT the acronym SEA just happens to have the acronyms of who I will be traveling with Sam, Ellen, and me, Ally! Cheers 🙂

Instagram: haveyoumetellen

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