Books for Africa! 

Hello family, friends, and followers alike! 

One of the projects I’m working hard on here in Swaziland is creating a library at the primary school I work with. Velezizweni primary school has never had a library before and has never attempted to start the process. So, it has taken a lot to get the acceptance of teachers, school commitee & the head teacher to get this project going! We have now acquired a room where the library will go & have raised over E3,000 for shelves for books. I’m super proud of the library commitee for continuing to raise money, even when I’m not around. 

We will be getting our books from “Books for Africa”. Books for Africa (BFA) is an organization in the United States that collects, sorts, ships, and distributes books to students of all ages in Africa. Their goal is to end the book famine in Africa. Peace Corps Swaziland partners with BFA once a year to bring in 30,000 books to 30 different schools/organizations across rural Swaziland. These schools/organizations have never had books or libraries before and once this project is completed the children in that area will have libraries and access to all of these books! Each individual library has a Swazi counterpart that works with a Peace Corps Volunteer (PCV), and each Swazi counterpart will attend a workshop on library setup and maintenance put on by Peace Corps Swaziland. This aspect of the project is what makes BFA Swaziland so successful and sustainable!

These books and libraries are so important for Swazi youth. In Swaziland English is a requirement to pass any grade in Swaziland, and as I stated before most schools don’t have libraries. This means that if you help donate to this project you will be helping hundreds of students continue their education. Any donation amount is helpful!

NOW, that we will be ready for books come April 2017. We are asking for YOUR help back home to help raise the money to get the books over here. Please consider donating to Books for Africa, so we are able to get books in my library here!

*please comment with any questions you might have!

Ngiyabonga (Thank you) for your support!

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