World Vision Group

The NGO called World Vision is the only present organization in my community. They have created water projects, started gardens, and built a kagogo center which is “center for the children”. World Vision also signs Kids  up to be sponcered by people in Australia. When they receive a sponcer they get birthday cards and “bobs” shoes. 

World Vision also set up a play group in my community that happends every Saturday from 1pm-4pm. This gives something for the kids to do in a rural community when school is off. The teacher is an old women who designed the class to go like this; sing songs of praise to god, pray, listening to a book read in English, do Swazi traditional dancing, pray, then rent books out and go home. I was so excited to see kids wanting to learn, especially on a weekend, so I always join in when I’m free. 20-30 kids attend each week with age ranges from 1-15 years old. 

I snuck in today to do an art project with the kids. I made a simple one where the kids could draw their favorite animal, write the name, and then present their drawing complete with what sound the animal makes. During the process sadly, a lot of kids seemed lost on what to do with a colorful piece of paper and crayons. As a nanny in the states I know kids go wild over coloring, but creativity mentality heavily lacks here. Kids are disciplined for curiosity and many of them have not set their eyes on a creative project before. In school they do not have art classes or even colorful classroom drawings. So, this morning I could see why the students were stuggling to come up with an idea or what colors to use. I tried to make it a free non-strict environment for them to be creative. I plan to do more activities with this group because they are already an established group where the kids want to learn! Here are some photos of what the class drew! 










World Vision group with their photos


3 thoughts on “World Vision Group

  1. Hello, I have just come across your blog. My name is Lorelle Warner and I live in Queensland, Australia. Our family sponsor an 8 year old boy in the Velezizweni area through World Vision. His name is Bongiswa Zwane. If you happen to meet him could you please tell him we said hello and think of him often. Thank you.


      • Thank you so much. We only have limited information about him but do know his father is a teacher (or at least he was when we started sponsorship in 2001) He has two sisters and a brother and he would be in Grade 2 this year. It’s his 8th birthday on 22nd December! We have sent him a small gift but it’s unlikely to reach him in time. I look forward to following your blog and finding out more about Velezizweni and its people. It’s our goal one day to visit and meet Bongiswa and his family.


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