My Swazi Sidekick has arrived!

“The day I get a dog will be better than my wedding day” -ME

If you know me you will know how much I have wanted a dog for some time now. When I first arrived in Velezizweni before I moved here permanently I summoned up the courage to ask my host family if I could get a dog. Scared that they were going to crush my dreams, but gladly they said yes without hesitation. My family notified me that my aunts dog was pregnant and that I could probably have one.
When I moved to Velezizweni permanently I was informed the dog had the puppies just the day before I arrived. I got to watch these little puppies grow up until I got to take one home with me last Friday. I have always waited for this day and I am already in love with my pup.

In the litter there were 2 girls and 1 boy. I opted to get the boy which was the biggest and brown in color. I named him Tjani, which means green grass in SiSwati. I made a bed for him in my house. He doesn’t want to sleep in it, so let him sleep in my bed. Swazi’s gasp when I tell them this as they never let the dogs inside. Swazi dogs are used only for protection at night of themselves and their livestock. Many dogs here are skin and bones and only get fed the scraps of food from the family, which a lot of the time isn’t much. I hope to give Tjani a good home and not spoil him too much :). He is mutt and isn’t any certain kind of bread. I got him all of his shots and hope to get him everything he needs! I intend to take him home with me at the end of my 2 years of service, which costs about $1,000 American. More updates to come later.. Just wanted to share my exciting news and some photos!

   Tjani a week old.
  The litter  Bed hog  He has gray eyes!   Hot weather, greasy hair, but so much happiness! 

4 thoughts on “My Swazi Sidekick has arrived!

  1. I remember that statement Alli. So cool. He looks adorable. Have a great day.

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