I am coming up on just 7 more weeks till I depart for the Peace Corps. I am so excited for the new life I get to start so soon , yet in this short period of time I also need to pack. “PACKING” is a word I’ve dreaded to think about after hearing how much stuff we have to pack and that we only get two 50 pound suit cases to fill up.

I just finished making a list of all the things I need to get week-to-week until I leave to stay on top of things. I just thought this would be something interesting to share as many people are asking the question of “what do you need to pack?”. We got a long packing list from current Peace Corps volunteers who have been in Swaziland for the past year, which is nice considering that we know that all the information is relevant. So here is my list for the next eight weeks of things I need to purchase, pack and then get on my way to my Swaziland adventure! There are a lot of items that I have already started purchasing that are not on the list too. Also something to keep in mind is that I can have things shipped to me such as bed sheets, but it takes up to eight weeks to reach me.

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