The Best Alternative to Sororities in College

So I went through it, the first night of recruitment. There was a night and a whole next day beginning recruitment, yet I only attended the first night. I had this person called a rho gamma that led me to these rooms full of people that wanted so badly to get to know me… for some reason? In return they would show me how happy they were with their life in a sorority. By the end of the night my mind was numb and I had no voice left to talk. I went with a couple friends to get food after this whole affair and they all talked about their top choices and who they didn’t like. When they asked I spit out 3 rooms I remembered going into and acted like I wasn’t overwhelmed and tried to hide the fact that I would not be going back the next day.

When I did not attend the next day my friends texted me and so did my rho gamma… “Where are you Ally?!?” When I told people that it wasn’t for me they all told me the same thing… well maybe you could try again in the winter! Like something was wrong with me, like I was missing apart of my DNA which made me want to be apart of this cult. The definition of cult I am using comes from google stated, “a misplaced or excessive admiration for a particular person or thing”. I guess you can say this admiration is for the “sisters” or the “letters” like AOII and always hold up hand symbols like this:

tumblr_m4yf4jyYN51r6vu5yo1_1280It just doesn’t make since to me putting yourself in a social group and not really knowing if you like the people? I guess you will really find out quickly. As you can see I have my complaints about sororities. Though I do admit I can be good for people who are shy and want to be forced to be friends with people, because they are unable to reach out by themselves.

SO, what I am suggesting is the BEST alternative to greek life in college.

And… the big reveal is.. a CLUB that has to do with your major!

WHATTTT, yes I am sure they have one at your local college and it has all the benefits of your sororities (minus some parties). Getting involved in an organization that has to do with what you want to do later in life will:

A.) Gives you networking opportunities

B.) Gives you a group of people that have the same passions as you

C.) You can still go out and party with your club members.. maybe to a club (lol)

D.) You will not have the hefty cost of sorority dues, rather spend it on some swift outfit for interviews

E.) Resume builder

F.) You won’t have to go through club recruitment!

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